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Create the palette of your dreams

08 May 2017

Now you can collect all your favourite eyeshadow colours in an eyeshadow palette and vary them according to the seasons and your moods. Dermosil Magnetic Eyeshadow Palette and Magnetic Eyeshadows offer you freedom of choice!

Our assortment includes nine different Magnetic Eyeshadows that are available separately. The eyeshadow palette holds four colours so that you could assemble the set of colours that you like best. In May, four basic colours (nude, light brown, dark brown and dark grey) and five trendy Limited edition seasonal colours (pink dream, lilac, purple rain, golden apricot and brown sugar) are added to our assortment.

You can create your own palette by choosing for example three basic colours and one seasonal colour or combining your seasonal palette around one basic colour. When you choose a suitable eyeshadow, you can above all follow your personal style and preferences – and therefore you cannot possibly make any wrong choices.

Magnetic Eyeshadows have a magnet underneath for attaching them to the metal base of Magnetic Eyeshadow Palette. Each eyeshadow can be removed and replaced easily. You can insert a new eyeshadow to replace the one you have used up, without having to buy a whole new palette.

Eyeshadow Palette includes a mirror and a small applicator that you can use to touch up your eye makeup during the day, if you wish.

Magnetic Eyeshadow Palette and Magnetic Eyeshadows are available separately.


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