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Dermosil cosmetics are tested on humans

27 March 2018

Skin-friendly Dermosil products are tested only by human test users. We follow the ban applied in the EU on testing cosmetics on animals.

Animal testing finished cosmetic products has been forbidden in the EU since 2004. The animal testing bans were enforced in the EU in stages and the last transitional period of the bans on animal testing ended in spring 2013. After that it has been completely forbidden in the European Union to test any finished products or components on animals.

We speak openly about our operations and we have also decided in favour of open communication policy on refraining from using animal testing. There are many organisations that manage paid lists of products that are free of animal testing. Dermosil products are not included in such lists, because the stipulated ban on animal testing applies in any case to all market actors equally.

During the development stage products are tested by our own employees and also by external test groups. With some products we also conduct dermatological tests supervised by a specialist skin doctor. A statutory comprehensive safety assessment is always performed on all our products before they are finally approved to be included in the Dermosil assortment.

About us

Dermoshop Oy is developing and marketing skin care and makeup products under the brand name Dermosil. All the products in the Dermosil product assortment are made of high quality ingredients and are subjected to a thorough dermatological testing process. The product assortment includes basic skin care products for the entire family, highly developed makeup products and trendy special care products. The product assortment contains about 400 different products.

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