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Eye creams under scrutiny

01 March 2017

For the last month Dermosil products have been a hot discussion topic for the staff of Topi-Keittiöt during their coffee breaks. The Premium level group of customers in Kalajoki (Finland) was picked randomly to test five Dermosil eye creams for a month. The testers rated various properties of the products, like their consistency, effectiveness and convenience of use.

Classic Eye Gel Cream turned out to be the overall favourite of the group.

“Wonderful product! It is convenient to dispense and it left skin moisturised, but not sticky,” commented Suvi Kääntä from marketing.

It was the favourite of accountant Marika Ainalin as well.

“The name Classic leaves the impression that the product is good for everybody,” she thought.

Leila Yli-Erkkilä works in the cafeteria of Topi-Keittiöt and she uses natural cosmetics. That is why she picked Nature Eye Cream as her favourite.

“The product made skin velvety soft. In the evening I lathered the cream on with such relish that my cats stared at me in astonishment,” Leila giggled.

Cleaner Päivi Tilvinen was most impressed by Faces Eye Cream Q10.

“I had no bags under my eyes in the morning,” she declared.

Juha Rahkola has been working in the transport section for nearly 40 years. He said that his favourite was Faces Refreshing Eye Gel.
Thanks to the applicator with metal balls the product is easy to use for a man who doesn’t use cream on his face as a rule.

After using the eye products actively for a month the team members noted positive changes in their eye area skin.

“My brows don’t flake any more due to skin dryness and the skin feels pleasantly soft. One of the testers also mentioned than an adjacent scar has become softer while using the creams,” Leila told.

Suvi works with a computer and she noticed that the products for eye area skin also moisturise her eyes. Juha had noticed the same effect.

“Eyes get tired during long drives and the lids turn heavy, but my eyes are fresher after the testing period.”

Marika was already familiar with eye area products and their effects, but during the testing she discovered that gel products are better for her.

Juha urges all men to use eye area products more bravely.

“You should simply choose a product that is easy enough to use,” he said with smile lines fanning out from the corners of his eyes.

“Perhaps women could also buy eye products as gifts for their men,” Suvi suggested and continued: “Eye products are good for the skin and eyes, and they prevent the onset of wrinkles, so it would be a good idea to start using them at a young age.”

Correct use of eye cream

Apply a small amount – about the size of a pin head – of eye cream to the skin mornings and evenings. Start from the outer corner of your lower lid, moving towards the inner corner, and then apply cream onto the upper lid below the brow line. Never apply cream to the moving part of the lids.

No Dermosil eye product contains any fragrance!

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