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Eyeshadow adds depth to the look of your eyes

01 March 2016

The choice of the colour depth or intensity of the eyeshadows used for makeup depends on the purpose – whether it is an everyday or festive makeup. Everyday makeup might look more natural, while festive makeup could be more intense and rich.

You can use either a brush or an applicator to apply eyeshadow. A brush gives a more natural result and an applicator gives more cover. A great way to apply eye makeup is to use an applicator for applying the light basic colour and then use a brush to add depth with darker colours.

This way you can create a beautiful eye makeup:
 1. First apply the Nude colour all over the lids up to the brows. You can use either   of the  Nude versions or even blend them. Use an applicator to apply it or the larger brush of Eyeshadow Brush.
 2. Then choose either the Brown or Black colour and start adding emphasis. Apply the dark colour from the outer corner of the eye across the lid toward the centre of the lid. For a tool you can use either an applicator or the smaller brush of Eyeshadow Brush.
 3. In the end blend thoroughly all the edges of the colours by using the larger brush of the Eyeshadow Brush or do it carefully with a fingertip.

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