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Faces – skin’s wellbeing is based on moisture

22 September 2016

Skin with the correct moisture balance feels good and looks great. This is the basic principle of our new Dermosil Faces product line. The product line for facial care includes various basic and special care products.

The basic products are focused on the most essential task that is providing the right amount of moisture to kin. The amount of moisture that facial skin needs varies according to the skin type, time of the year and local climate conditions, but also the daily rhythm. The necessary amount of moisture can even vary in different facial areas. Our basic products ensure moisture for dry and normal skin, and skin that tends to get oily.

The protective layer of well moisturised skin is in great shape. In that case skin is responsive to care products that are focused on the various needs of skin. The special care products of the Faces line offer solutions to various skin problems. The line includes products for dry, lifeless and tired skin, and an anti-age product for mature skin.

The Faces facial care products have a pleasantly mild and luxurious fragrance that quickly evaporates from skin. The creams of the product line are packaged in tubes and the serums are in glass bottles. The bottles have droppers to dose the product into the palm of your hand.

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