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Kiss-proof lip makeup

21 February 2017

Your favourite colour on your lips can brighten your day and lift your confidence sky high. Prevent the lipstick from feathering over the lip line into the lines surrounding the lips by gentle peeling and careful foundation.

1. It is easier to apply makeup to soft lips and the result will look nicer. Therefore use Lip Balm regularly! Very dry and flaking lips will turn soft if you massage them gently with a clean soft toothbrush or a sugar cube dipped in water.

2. Design your lip outline with Transparent Lipliner that will match any lip makeup products and prevent the feathering of your lip makeup. For an extra lasting lip makeup colour your lips all over with a lip pencil. To improve the durability of the lip outline you can also apply foundation and powder on the edges of your lips before using the lip pencil.

3. After outlining your lips apply your favourite lipstick to your lips by moving from the edges toward the centre. A light lipstick with lipgloss makes lips look fuller, while dark lipstick can make lips look narrower. To correct the illusion apply some gloss on the centre of the lips. Be brave and use some darker colours as well because they can nicely brighten a face tired from the long winter and highlight the colour of your eyes and skin.

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