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Moisture balance is the basis of soft skin

12 September 2016

Skin is our largest organ. It has the important task of protecting the body tissues from the external world, it has a role in breathing and controlling body temperature; it provides information on the person’s sensations and the general status of health.

Skin contains 20 % of the total water content of the body. The middle layer of skin is called dermis and it contains 70 % of this water.

Skin with normal moisture balance is smooth, soft and flexible. Its tissue protective layer is in order, the skin is receptive to skin care creams and allows them to have their effect.

On the other hand skin with reduced moisture content is rough and flaky. You can see its dryness above all on the skin surface that looks greyish in colour. Skin is also less flexible and instead tends to be tight. Actually skin can turn dry in its deeper layers as well. The protective layer of dry skin isn’t functioning, skin is sensitive, it has lowered resistance and neither does it accept any care products. This kind of skin is also more prone to get wrinkles easier than usual.

There are a lot of various factors that reduce the moisture content of skin. Among others these include age, climate conditions, the UV radiation of the sun, rooms with central heating, nutritional factors, smoking and incorrect facial care procedures; of these cleansing is one of the most important procedures. Too powerful cleansing agents will turn skin even drier. Failing to take care of skin is also visible in the changes in skin.

Skin’s moisture content is maintained and will return to normal with proper skin care by using the right products. Healthy lifestyle is also important, as is focusing on the quality of food and the quantity of water consumed every day.

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