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Nature’s own elixir of life

29 May 2017

Birch sap is a natural and multifunctional ingredient used in cosmetics. Birch sap is collected from trees before leaf buds open.

Birch sap is a nutritional solution that birch trees use to start their growth processes after winter has passed. Finnish birch sap is an organic product and it has properties that make it an excellent ingredient for skin and hair care products.

In skin care products, birch sap has a rejuvenating effect on skin, because the sap stimulates the cells of various skin layers and this way hinders their aging. Birch sap increases the flexibility of skin, as well as smoothes and moisturises skin. The sap also protects skin cells from environmental toxins, UV-radiation and inflammation. In hair care products, birch sap keeps hair soft, while adding volume, strength and shine.

In Dermosil products we use birch sap from Finland. Birch sap contains trace elements like potassium, calcium, magnesium and manganese. The sap also contains fruit acids, proteins and enzymes.

Birch sap starts to move in April/May before leaf buds open. The sap trickles out of a small hole made in a tree. Collecting the sap causes no harm to the birch tree and next spring it can be collected from the same tree again.

Did you know? Birch sap is a renewable natural resource that causes no harm to the tree.

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