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New year, new style

27 December 2016

Mirja Järvinen came to take part in the Dermoshop makeover game. She sits in the campaign chair with some anxiety.
“Fantastic and unreal feeling. I’m excitedly looking forward to the result,” Mirja says.
Mirja’s daughter Laura sent the application to take part in the makeover game. She said that her mother's natural beauty has been a bit overshadowed by aging. She would need some help with choosing her clothes, and her hair and makeup should also be updated.
As to the hairdo Mirja asks the makeup artist and hair stylist Nina Hemminki to give her curls.
“Curls are soft and feminine. I’ll use a razor to cut the hair tips to enhance your natural curl,” Nina explains.
Mirja’s hair colour is left dark, but some lighter freehand streaks are added. The lighter streaks in the hair framing the face and in the tips bring more light to the face and lighten the hair colour. Mirja’s freshly coloured hair is washed with Shampoo and Conditioner for colour-treated hair to preserve the intense colour.

While her hair is being dried Mirja says the first “Wow!” of the day. The blow-drying helps enhance the waves nicely after the excess weight has been removed from her hair by the razor cut.
Nina advises her to squeeze her hair in a fist and then blow-dry gently to keep the structure of the curls intact. Salt Water Spray can be sprayed on hair, if needed, to add natural volume, texture and hold to the hair.
Mirja is very happy with the hairdo that can be created without using any rollers or curling iron.
“It’s great how easy it is to create curls,” says Mirja with enthusiasm.

Mirja considers herself a very basic makeup user, so any tips on blending or highlighting would be most welcome.
“Shadows are added to highlight the facial bone structure. Careful blending is essential to make the finished result look natural,” says Nina while applying Sun Powder on Mirja’s face with a brush.
Mirja’s daughter Laura said in her application for the makeover game that her mother has lovely eyes that should be enhanced better. Mirja’s eyes get nicely framed with Dermosil Moist Proof Eyeliner black. Her eyelids get nicely made up with the brown and nude colours of Baked Duo Eyeshadows.
“What wonderful eyes, are they really mine?” Mirja exclaims, marvelling at the finished result.

Some Lip Gloss Dazzling Coral is applied to lips to add a fresh coral colour that looks perfect to accompany the striking eye makeup.

Mirja has been working for 30 years in the grocery shop of Karstula parish in central Finland. Thus there was no need to think about her work clothes, but Mirja has been having problems with finding suitable clothes for her leisure time. The owner of Dopp clothes store Katarina Rewell looks for nice and practical everyday clothes for Mirja. First they search for the right pair of jeans.
“Jeans have to fit nicely and not too loosely, because they will stretch with wear anyway. A well fitted high waisted pair would be best for a mature woman,” Katarina advises.
Katarina says that playing with different lengths looks youthful. A lower part of a long sweater can be left visible under a shorter jacket.
“This is something quite new for me, but I will certainly try this trick,” Mirja wonders.

At the end of the day Mirja’s new style is photographed. The change is obvious, but the renewed look is still like Mirja.
“I will always remember this day. The new hair style is incredibly fantastic! I cannot wait to show the change to my colleagues,” Mirja says impatiently before starting back home.

Nina’s hair tip:

∞ Asymmetry makes a hairdo look exciting. It could have more volume on one side.

Nina’s makeup tips:

∞ Carefully blend any makeup outlines to avoid looking too made-up in the end.
∞ Pearly makeup products are great for a mature woman as well. Add some makeup to any areas that you want to highlight, like cheekbones or brow bones.

Katarina’s dressing tips:

∞ Use a belt with pants that have loops for it, even if it will not be visible. It is far from stylish to hitch up your pants.
∞ Outdoors use a scarf, hat and gloves, even if you leave your jacket comfortably unbuttoned.
∞ Buy your clothes in sets, for example choose a pair of pants, shirt and sweater together at the same time. This way you will always have a nicely matching set to wear and you will avoid unnecessary problems with clothes.

Mirja’s favourite products:

Facial Wash (3026)
“Effective and mild.”
Essential Day Cream (3054) and Intensive Repair Night Cream (3212)
“They feel light and are quickly absorbed.”

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