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Pleasant skin care that saves time

01 July 2015

Last October Dermoshop launched the DermoLABS project, asking our customers for ideas of new Dermosil products that could be developed. We received hundreds of product ideas through our website and the product development team picked from those the idea of Daria Petrakova from Haparanda in Sweden.

The DermoLABS project gave our customers the opportunity to let us know their opinions about the properties of the product and the packaging type. During the testing stage Daria had also the chance to test the product based on her product idea: The luxurious Sauna Facial Therapy of the Spa & Sauna line.

“I tried the mask several times and I am quite happy with it in general.”

Daria would have liked it to have a bit more intense fragrance and thicker consistency, but strong aromas cause allergic reactions in many people and that is why the product development team decided to choose a lighter fragrance.

“My product idea is actually very simple. Why wait with applying a sauna mask and do it only after the sauna, when you could apply it before entering the sauna? This would save time, it would be less messy and provide at least the same effect,” Daria tells about her idea.

Daria works as a nurse. She lives with her live-in partner and 4 years old son in her house located in a peaceful area with woods and a river nearby. Their daily routines are just like in any family with children, keeping them busy from morning till night.

That is perhaps the reason why the product idea has so skilfully combined effective time management with personal hygiene.

When choosing cosmetic products Daria is interested in the properties of the products and wants them to have the stated effects.

“I have combined type of skin. Sometimes my skin gets very dry and needs lots of moisturising.”

Daria’s daily facial skin care routine includes cleansing products for facial skin, a facial tonic, a serum, a facial cream and an eye cream. Facial masks are also an essential part of her skin care procedures to ensure skin’s wellbeing.

Daria’s favourite products are Sauna Soap and Kitchen Soap.

“I am always buying these two products and I certainly have no intention of replacing them with any other products. These products are the favourites of all our family, both my partner and my parents!”

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