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Preservative ensures safety

20 February 2018

Using lots of preservatives and colorants can cause skin reactions. That is why we use the optimum amounts of preservatives and colorants in Dermosil products. We always wish to provide fresh, safe and skin friendly products to our customers.

Cosmetic products cannot be produced completely without any preservatives, because without them, microbes would quickly start to grow and multiply in cosmetic products, and as a result the product would spoil and could even become dangerous to the user.

Preservatives – like any components of cosmetic products – must be safe for the users. For many preservatives, the maximum amount that cosmetic products can contain has been set by the EU cosmetics regulation.

Cosmetic products have different textures and therefore different types of preservatives are needed. Both synthetic preservatives, like Phenoxyethanol, or natural preservatives, like vitamin E, are used in cosmetics.

Preservatives are used as little as possible in Dermosil products, because the products don’t have to withstand long-term storage or high temperatures, like in southern Europe. Our products are transported as quickly as possible from the production through the warehouse and straight to the customer.

In cosmetics, colorants are used based on the aesthetic aspects of the products. Colorants improve the characteristic colour of products.

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