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Special products for baby skin care

05 March 2017


An infant's skin is sensitive and thin, and it cannot cope with any standard skin care products. Dermosil product line Sensitive includes many safe products that are suitable for infants ranging from the newborn to 3 year old children.

Our Sensitive product line has been part of our assortment for a long time. Now it includes products that are proven to be safe for the youngest family members (from newborn to 3 years old).

“Each Dermosil product passes a comprehensive safety assurance assessment before it is released to the market, but in the case of products for infants an additional precise assessment is carried out,” explained Bi Virta, Product Manager of the Sensitive line.

All in all 16 Sensitive products were considered to comply with the security standards set for infant skin care products. The assessment did not include deodorants and other such products that aren’t used for infant skin care.

Any skin care products safe for infants under 3 years must be microbiologically cleaner than standard products. They must be free of colorants and fragrance and any generally irritant components.

The products included in the Sensitive line have been granted the right to use the allergy symbol by the Allergy and Asthma Union of Finland that also testifies to the safety of these products.

“Products with the allergy symbol don’t generally cause skin irritation or sensitivity nor any respiratory problems. They can be used by anybody from infants to grandfathers,” she pointed out.

Generally skin care products are meant for children aged 3 years and older. The skin of children under 3 years old is much thinner and therefore it requires special products.

“Babies always put their fingers and toes in their mouths and that is also a reason why the products must be chosen very carefully,” Bi Virta emphasized.

Bi Virta reminds us that you should only use fresh cream on a baby’s delicate skin.

“I would only use freshly opened cream on infant skin. The fats contained in creams can oxidize even in 6 months and that is why any products older than that may not be safe for an infant.”

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