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The challenge of the four seasons

07 January 2018

Dermosil products are especially developed to care for sensitive Nordic skin. The ever changing four seasons of the Nordic countries affects both your skin and your hair, and it is therefore very important to choose the right products that match your needs. With 30 years of experience we know what kind of products the skin needs to be able to do well, feel well and look well. 

In the Winter, cold winds and dry air make the skin easily dry, crack and flush. In Summer we sweat more, we swim in salty seawater and the sun easily burns pale skin and dries out the hair.

The base for our product development is to always base products on ingredients suitable for our four seasons, that support the wellbeing of your skin: gently cleanses, protects and binds moisture into the skin and overall nourishes both skin and hair.

With more than 400 skin friendly Dermosil products in our sortiment, you will find products that suits your skin type and the special needs of your skin for every season. Our sortiment also includes seasonal products such as sunscreen products.

About us

Dermoshop Oy is developing and marketing skin care and makeup products under the brand name Dermosil. All the products in the Dermosil product assortment are made of high quality ingredients and are subjected to a thorough dermatological testing process. The product assortment includes basic skin care products for the entire family, highly developed makeup products and trendy special care products. The product assortment contains about 400 different products.

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