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What causes lip balm addiction?

01 September 2015

When talking about lip balm there are sometimes questions about the addiction possibly brought about by the use of lip balm. The notion of lip balm addiction stems from the oils contained in lip balm.

Oil is one of the main ingredients of any skin care products. The oils used in cosmetic products can be divided roughly into two groups: plant based oils and mineral oils derived as a by-product of crude oil processing. Plant oils condition and soften skin while mineral oils form a dense covering layer on skin. Thanks to this layer lips feel soft and moist for a while until the skin is cleansed and the effect of the oil vanishes.

Mineral oils are widely used in cosmetic products as they are inexpensive and seldom cause allergic reactions. Dermosil products are mostly based on plant oils, like for example the new Lip Balm of the Classic line of products.

The oils extracted from plants contain vitamins and fatty acids that are vitally important to skin. They support the skin's own essential functions and improve skin's capacity to bind moisture. Plant oils will not clog pores like mineral oils. The dense covering layer formed on the basis of mineral oils prevents the absorption of conditioning components and the elimination of waste substances from the skin's surface. Mineral oils obstruct the natural functions of skin. Skin becomes dependent on the oil and it is difficult to stop using it. For example vaseline and paraffin oil are mineral oils.

Olive oil, almond oil and sunflower oil for example are extracted from plants. There is no need to apply large amounts of cream based on plant oils, because plant oils support skin's own functions. Plant oils cause no skin's dependence on added oils. The oils derived from plants are generally featured in product ingredient lists with the English or Latin name of the plants in question, often including the words oil or extract.

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