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What could help against aging?

01 October 2016

We all know that people age and that it is inevitable. Aging is caused by internal factors and it is controlled by genes. Skin’s aging is influenced among other factors by the basic tissue structure, the general status of health and environmental factors. In addition to chronological age nowadays people talk about biological age as well. Biological age means a person’s actual physical status, which means the body’s capacity to function and its changes on the cellular level.

We can do nothing about chronological aging. On the other hand we can influence our biological aging positively with a healthy diet, sufficient physical activity, enough rest and taking care to ensure proper sleep.

Skin ages together with the rest of the body. The aging of skin is nevertheless highly individual and can occur in cycles. It all begins at about the age 30. The most typical signs of aging skin are dry skin and lack of moisture, lines and wrinkles, tissues turning flaccid and changes in the complexion (lack of a healthy complexion).

The sun's UV-radiation is another different cause of skin’s aging. These days we talk about premature aging caused in addition to the UV light by unhealthy lifestyle and omitting proper skin care.

There are two methods used for anti-aging skin care: preventive care or focusing on the actual needs of skin. Healthy lifestyle and protecting skin are the most important means of preventive care. You should drink enough water, have a healthy diet, avoid great changes in body weight, be active enough and move in fresh air, have enough sleep and maintain a positive attitude. It is also important to avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.

To protect skin it is vital to protect it from the UV radiation of the sun with clothing and protection creams, and avoid excessive sunbathing in general. Important parts of daily skin care include providing enough moisture, preventing moisture loss and regular peeling.

Thus we can influence the aging of skin by using both preventive and hindering measures.

But luckily there are quite a few other factors that play a role in our overall youthful look. Age is not so much about numbers, but attitude and the state of mind. We are exactly as old as we feel, right?

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