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When will I get your magazine again? It's been a long time since the last issue and another department of my office has already received the new magazine.

The magazine is sent to our customers every two months. However this only concerns our customers in Finland, Sweden and Estonia, this due to the fact that we ate the time being doesn´t have any English version of the magazine. If you would like to have our magazine, please contact our customer service, and we will send you the latest magazine. Please also notice that you can read the magazine online, here on our web site.

I registered at your web site a long time ago, but why don't I still get your magazine?

When you register at www.dermoshop.com and the DermoNews mailing list, then DermoNews newsletters will be sent to you by e-mail a couple of times every month, depending on the topics you noted as interesting. The magazine will be sent to customers automatically when they have received their customer number. You will get your customer number when you have made your first order. Observe however that Dermoshop doesn´t at the moment publish any English version of the magazine, and that is also the reason to why we don´t send our magazine to our English-speaking customers. If you would like to get your own Dermoshop-magazine, please contact customer service and order the magazine from there. At the moment the magazine is found in Finnish, Swedish and Estonian.

If I forget some products when ordering, can I add them later?

Unfortunately, no. If you would like to add something, we have to ask you to place a new order.

Hi, I have been using Primo night and day cream for a couple of months and I am very satisfied with it. At first it felt as if the night cream "peeled" my facial skin – is that how it is supposed to be? I am also delighted to note that the pigmented spots on my face are getting lighter. I am truly satisfied with your products – they are really fabulous!

Primo Night Cream contains retinol which is vitamin A in its purest form. To some people it might cause redness and a feeling that the skin is peeling off, but it usually passes in a few days. Vitamin A is also used for acne treatment and it might have a lightening effect on pigmented patches.

Does your assortment include currently or in the near future a moisturiser suitable for infants/small children? There is a great need for it!

Among Dermosil products our Unscented Body Lotion is excellently suited for children and people with sensitive skin. It is an exceptionally mild, conditioning and soothing lotion. It doesn't cause skin rashes and is well suited for example as a cream for the diaper area for infants. In Dermosil product range you can also find other products suited for small children like Cream Soap, Mild Care Soap, Extra Treatment and Shower and Bath Oil.

Your Extra Treatment Cream feels very pleasant on skin. I would still like to know what is the cause of its special pearly shimmer with silvery shine. I have never encountered such a product before.

It's nice that you like Extra Treatment Cream. Its silvery shining shade comes from the components cetyl alcohol and stearyl alcohol contained in the cream's formulation that sort of "flow" through its emulsion and turn silvery in the process of cream production. The fact that this silvery shade is evident also in the finished cream is due to its lack of any colorants to hide the characteristic tone of its ingredients.

About us

Dermoshop Oy is developing and marketing skin care and makeup products under the brand name Dermosil. All the products in the Dermosil product assortment are made of high quality ingredients and are subjected to a thorough dermatological testing process. The product assortment includes basic skin care products for the entire family, highly developed makeup products and trendy special care products. The product assortment contains about 400 different products.

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