Shipping fee

A shipment fee of 6€ is added to all orders under 50 €. When your order is over 50€, the delivery is free. Unfortunately we cannot process orders outside EU at the moment. Neither can we process orders outside the European Union customs territory, such as orders to the Canarian Islands.


The delivery time is 7-10 working days after Dermoshop has received your order. All parcels are delivered to your workplace- or home address. Postal services need to have free access to the delivery address. To avoid inconveniences please specify your address as precisely as possible.


Payment only possible by credit card (Mastercard or Visa).


Custodian must do order for persons below the age of 18 years.

Add more to order

For orders paid with credit card it is not possible to add products after your order has been placed. A new order must be placed.

Bonus products

You are given bonus products as a thank you for ordering from us. When you order via our web shop, you can pick your own bonus products from today´s assortment of bonus products. You get 10 points for every purchased euro.

The bonus points are valid one (1) year from purchase date. If you haven´t used your bonus points during that time, they will expire. You can not change delivered bonus products. Dermoshop has the right to correct the customer´s bonus point saldo due to for example product returns. The bonus points can also be saved and be used the next time you order from us.


We provide our customers with a full product guarantee. If you have been sent the wrong product or if your product is faulty/damaged it will be replaced with a new one. Furthermore, Dermoshop offers you a 90-day money back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you will receive a full refund provided you have returned the product unopened within 90-days from the date of purchase.

How to return a product

If you would like to return a product, we recommend you to contact our customer service per e-mail. This to be able to find out the best way to return products from the country you live in. When returning products, we would also like you to inform us about:

  • - The product you are returning
  • - The product´s batch number (a series of numbers, which is most often seen from the bottle bottom, or from the seam of a tube)

The product can be returned to us per mail without any extra cost. Add for example a copy of the order including your name, address, phone number and customer number. For us to be able to improve our customer service and our business, we also hope that you are willing to tell us why you are returning the product. The address is:

Dermoshop Ltd
P.o.Box 3


Dermoshop is a Finnish company, that since 1988 sells and develops Dermosil® skin care products.

Most of the unscented Dermosil® products have been approved by the Finnish Allergy- and Astma association. The products are marked with the Allergy symbol.


The best-before date on our products informs you of how long a product that has been opened can be kept when stored correctly. Normally an opened skin care product can be stored for about six months if nothing else is mentioned on the package. If the product is marked with for example, 8M, it means that the storage time is 8 months from the date the product has been opened.

Product testing

The Dermosil® products are produced with high quality ingredients and are dermatologically tested on human beings. We offer you a full product guarantee.


Dermoshop respects your privacy and protects your personal data in the best possible way. Read more in our data protection policy.


We recommend that you use some of the following web browsers when visiting our web shop: Firefox 13.0, Chrome 20.0, Internet Explorer 9, Safari 5.1, Opera 12.0 or updated versions of these. If you are using older versions of these, or some other web browser, the functions on Dermoshop´s web pages can be somehow poor.

About us

Dermoshop Oy is developing and marketing skin care and makeup products under the brand name Dermosil. All the products in the Dermosil product assortment are made of high quality ingredients and are subjected to a thorough dermatological testing process. The product assortment includes basic skin care products for the entire family, highly developed makeup products and trendy special care products. The product assortment contains about 400 different products.

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