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Fresh! Peel-off mask

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75 ml

Removes impurities and dead skin cells from the face. Regu®-Seb component hinders the effects of sebum glands. Contains also vitamin E. Recommended to use 1–2times a week.
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Product number 3562

Product number 3562

Product details

Peel-off mask has been developed for young skin to remove any impurities and dead skin cells from facial skin. Peel-off mask creates a filmy layer on skin as it dries and then you can simply peel it off. The effect of Peel-off mask targets the main problem of facial skin.

Peel-off mask contains an active ingredient named Regu®-Seb that inhibits the activity of sebaceous glands and conditions skin. The product also contains vitamin E to nourish facial skin. Skin becomes clear and fresh.

Peel-off mask is available in a practical tube with flip cap. The mask is colourless, with the familiar fresh hypoparfum fragrance of the Fresh! line. Peel-off mask can be used by both girls and boys.

Peel-off mask is applied in a layer of medium thickness to the T-zone of the face. Allow the mask to dry thoroughly, about 15 to 20 minutes. As the mask begins to dry its edges will turn pale and it will gradually start to peel off on its own. You can try to pull the mask off your face once you can get a hold on the edge of the mask. In case the mask cannot be removed in a large piece, allow it to dry a bit more. The mask can also be removed with cool water.

The film mask can be used for normal, oily and combination skin or for skin with impurities.

Tip! The mask cleanses skin of impurities. The bacteria causing skin impurities like to reside in clogged pores.

Purpose For deep cleansing and conditioning of facial skin. For normal, oily and combination skin.
Directions for use Apply mask in a generous layer to the T-zone of the face. Allow the mask to dry thoroughly, about 15 to 20 minutes. As the mask dries its edges turn pale, after that peel the mask gently off. Use 1-2 times a week.
Size 75 ml
Perfume Hypoparfum®
pH 6.0
Fat content 0
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