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Vitamin D 25 mcg

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Product number 3577

Product number 3577

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Vitamin D contains 25 micrograms of easily absorbed vitamin D3. Research suggests that people are not getting enough vitamin D with their food. In Finland women get on average 5 and men 7 micrograms of vitamin D daily. Vitamin D is found naturally in fatty fish, mushrooms and in certain fortified food.

You can get enough vitamin D from sun exposure when the UV index of the sun is higher than 3, which means from the middle of May to the middle of August from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.  Absorbing a sufficient amount of vitamin D is prevented by sun protection cream, clothing or dark skin (for dark-skinned people).

Groups of people at risk of not getting enough vitamin D include small children, the young and the elderly, people with limited sun exposure and fat malabsorption syndromes, dark-skinned and overweight people, and young adults during the period from August to May. 

Vitamin D has a physiological effect, it helps maintain bone strength and normal muscle activity, it strengthens bones and teeth, it helps regulate cell division and maintain normal blood calcium levels. There is no danger of vitamin D overdose if you follow the recommended daily dosage marked on the package.  Food supplements cannot substitute a balanced and varied diet.

Best before 5.12.2021. 

Directions for use Dosage: 1 tablet daily.
Size 45 g
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  • A must have during winter!

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