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Exfoliating socks

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Mild foot care removes dead skin cells and calluses. The socks are kept on feet for 90 minutes. Skin will start to peel in 3 to 5 days. The package includes two single-use socks.
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Product number 3713

Product number 3713

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Dermosil Exfoliating socks provide an easy and painless way to take care of your feet. Take a bit of time off and allow yourself a relaxing moment.

Exfoliating socks are a single foot care procedure with a result that will stay for weeks. The gel inside the Exfoliating socks has a peeling effect on the skin of your feet. Exfoliating socks contain natural peeling components like lactic acid and salicylic acid, and a complex of plant extracts.

The kit contains two exfoliating socks that should be put on your feet for 90 minutes. To avoid breaking Exfoliating socks you should not walk around after you have put them on. You can put on standard socks to protect Exfoliating socks. This way Exfoliating socks will stay in place better. At the end of the care procedure rinse your feet carefully with warm water.

You will see the effect of Exfoliating socks about 3 to 5 days after the procedure. Your feet might look a bit unpleasant after the dead skin cells start to slough off, but the process is quite painless.

The dead skin cells will come off in small pieces. Be patient and allow the dead skin to peel off. Please do not start picking it off; otherwise you might tear your skin. The skin renewal process lasts about two weeks. To allow your skin the time to peel off you should use Exfoliating socks early enough before going to a public swimming pool or putting on your summer shoes.

For the best results it is recommended to repeat the procedure with Exfoliating socks every 3 to 4 months. Finish your foot care by applying Dermosil Softening Foot Serum (3714) that also helps maintain the foot care results and keep the skin of your feet smooth and soft. Using moisturising cream or foot serum will not prevent or hinder the peeling off of dead skin cells. Once the dead skin cells start to peel off you can pamper your feet with a foot bath or apply foot cream.

Exfoliating socks can be used for foot care by both women and men. The product cannot be used by people with open wounds on their feet, with itching, toenail fungus or any other type of irritated skin, or by people allergic to any of its components. Exfoliating socks should be used by adults only.

The product is not meant for pregnant women. Diabetics are advised to consult their doctor about using the product.

Purpose Disposable foot care procedure to exfoliate thickened skin and dead skin cells.
Directions for use Put the socks on (feet must be clean) and close the top openings for feet with the included tape. Allow the socks to work for 90 minutes. Take the Exfoliating socks off and rinse your feet with water. Dead skin cells will start to peel off about 3 to 5 days after the procedure and the whole process lasts about two weeks. Allow the dead and dry skin to peel off on its own. Please do not tear off the peeling skin to avoid damaging healthy skin.
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