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Sensitive Deo Stick

6.50 €
45 ml

Unscented deodorant, easy to apply and the skin feels dry immediately. Deo Stick conditions and soothes the sensitive underarm skin. For both women and men.
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Product number 3738

Product number 3738

Product details

Sensitive Deo Stick is an unscented deodorant. The product can be used with sensitive skin and it is suitable for people highly sensitive to fragrance.

Dermosil Sensitive Deo Stick deodorant is convenient to apply and will leave underarms dry immediately. Instead of waiting you can get dressed at once. Neither does the deodorant leave any ugly white stripes to clothes. At the same time Sensitive Deo Stick is great for soothing skin care of the delicate underarm skin.

Sensitive Deo Stick works best on clean skin, which means on shaved underarm skin. Wash the underarm area with a low pH cleanser, for example with Sensitive Intimate Care Soap. This helps maintain the pH level of skin's protective level known as the hydrolipidic layer or acid mantle.

The product has been granted the right to use the Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation's allergy symbol. The product is unscented and contains no ingredients that generally cause skin sensitivity or irritate skin.

The product is suitable for the entire family. Deo Stick is free of aluminium and thus it will not prevent armpits from getting moist from perspiration. The antiperspirant Sensitive Deo Roll-On (3036) of the Sensitive line is more suitable for excessive perspiration.

Please remember though that when you switch from using an antiperspirant to aluminium-free deodorant, your body would need to get accustomed to it for a while. Step by step your glands and skin cells will be cleansed of residues and during this period it can seem that you perspire more than usually.

Perspiration secreted by our bodies doesn't actually smell, because 99 % of it is water. The odour is created by the contact between the organic substances in sweat glands and the bacteria present on skin. That is why armpit hair enhances the odour, because then bacteria have a larger surface to grow on.

Purpose Deodorant for removing unpleasant perspiration odours.
Directions for use Apply to clean and dry armpits. It is recommended to shave the armpits before using the product.
Size 45 ml
Perfume Unscented
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