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Sensitive Hydrogel 0 %

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100 ml

Oil-free moisturising gel for dry, sensitive and atopic skin. Can be used all over and also for dry scalp. The gel sooths skin after shaving, depilating and sunbathing as well.
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Product number 3780

Product number 3780

Product details

Dermosil Sensitive Hydrogel 0 % is a completely oil-free and effectively moisturising skin care gel that can be used with sensitive, dry and atopic skin, but also with combination and oily skin.

Hydrogel 0 % is an effective moisturiser for dry and flaky skin, for example on legs and arms. The gel is effective for adding moisture to the face and the product can also be applied before the day or night cream.

Hydrogel can be applied to hands many times a day whenever hands need to be moisturised. The gel is also an effective moisturiser after sunbathing or taking a shower.

The scalp can often feel dry after washing and in that case Hydrogel 0 % is a great moisturising solution. It will not turn the hair oily, but it will provide the moisture that the scalp needs. Apply Hydrogel to the scalp and allow it to dry.

Hydrogel is great for men to use after shaving and for women after removing body hair. The gel contains glycerine, bisabolol and allantoin for skin care and to ease skin irritation.

If you keep the product in the refrigerator you can also use it as a cooling after-sun cream and to finish your facial cleansing instead of using a tonic.

Hydrogel is packaged in a practical 100 millilitre tube that is convenient to take along. The product can be used by the entire family and it has been granted the right to use the allergy symbol by the Allergy and Asthma Union of Finland.

Purpose For effective oil-free moisturising of skin. Moisturises sensitive, dry and atopic skin. Can be used on facial skin and scalp, and also as a cream to ease skin irritation after shaving and removing body hair, and as an after-sun cream.
Directions for use Apply the gel to skin and let it dry. Can be applied to dry skin many times a day.
Size 100 ml
Perfume Unscented
Fat content 0 %
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