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Magnetic Eyeshadow Palette

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Empty eyeshadow palette for four Magnetic Eyeshadows that you can purchase from the colours available in our range. The palette is equipped with a small applicator and a mirror.
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Product number 3854

Product number 3854

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Fill Dermosil Magnetic Eyeshadow Palette with your favourite colours! Eyeshadow Palette holds four Magnetic Eyeshadows and you can choose them from the nine colours available in our range. You can pick matte colours for everyday makeup to insert in the eyeshadow palette. For a more festive use you can also assemble another palette with glittering eyeshadow colours. But why not combine matte and glittering colours in one palette to create suitable eye makeups for various events.

Eyeshadow Palette is available with empty spaces so that you could assemble the set of your dreams from the colours in our range. There is a magnet on the base of Magnetic Eyeshadows to attach the eyeshadows to the Magnetic Eyeshadow Palette.

Often one colour in a palette will end faster than the others. Once you have finished a Magnetic Eyeshadow colour, you can replace it with just the one colour you need, without having to buy a whole new palette.

The palette includes a small eyeshadow applicator and a mirror to enable you to touch up your eye makeup during the day, if necessary.

The mirror in the lid of the eyeshadow box is covered with a thin protective film that you should remove before using the palette.

Purpose Empty palette for Magnetic Eyeshadows.
Directions for use Open the palette and insert Magnetic Eyeshadows by using the magnetic locks. Eyeshadows are available separately.
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