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Pigment drops fair

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14 ml

Create a makeup foundation product that matches you personally by mixing Dermosil Pigment drops in your favourite facial cream. You can adjust the colour and the level of cover it provides with the number of drops.
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Product number 3870

Product number 3870

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Mix Dermosil Pigment drops in your facial cream and you get a makeup foundation cream or a tinted day cream perfectly matched to your skin.

Pigment drops are fast and easy to use. First dispense enough facial cream in the palm of your hand. Shake the bottle of Pigment drops properly and add to the cream the number of drops you like. Mix the drops in the cream with your fingertips and apply the cream on clean skin.

The colour of Pigment drops fair is the same as the colour of Dermosil Foundation fair. The level of cover that the mixed cream provides depends on the number of Pigment drops you used. You get a lightly tinted day cream with one drop, a light foundation with two drops and a foundation for more cover with three to four drops. The number of drops also changes the darkness of the finished cream a bit.

The properties of the finished cream depend on the facial cream you use. For example, if you use Faces Matifying Cream you get a makeup base product that provides a matte surface.

Pigment drops can be used with any skin type, but above all with dry skin. The drops contain glycerine that moisturises skin, improves its suppleness and softens skin. The drops also contain moisturising shea butter.

Pigment drops are not meant to be used separately. Always shake the bottle well before use.

Purpose Mix Pigment drops in your favourite facial cream to get a makeup base product perfect for you personally.
Directions for use Mix Pigment drops in a facial cream with your fingertips.
Size 14 ml
Perfume Unscented
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