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Self-tanning Mousse

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150 ml

Light and foamy mousse adds a lovely tanned colour to skin. Self-tanning Mousse can be used on the face or the body and it is easy to apply evenly with the Self-tan Applicator Mitt.
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Product number 3901

Product number 3901

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Dermosil Self-tanning Mousse adds a natural and lovely tanned complexion to skin in stages, while also moisturising skin. The mousse can be used both on the face and on the body. The result is even and long lasting.

Apply Self-tanning Mousse evenly on cleansed and dry skin. For the best results apply the mousse by using the Self-tan Applicator Mitt. By this you avoid colouring your cuticles and the skin between the fingers. Its light brownish colour makes it easier to apply the product evenly. This way you can see where you have already applied the mousse. Avoid applying the product on your eyebrows or hairline. Be very careful when you apply the mousse on the eye area skin. Allow your skin get properly dry before any contact with clothes. Wash your hands very carefully after applying the lotion with your hands.

For the best results use Self-tanning Mousse regularly for several days.

The mousse contains moisturising components and therefore it does not dry skin. The product has a delicate fresh fragrance.

Tips on applying Self-tanning Mousse successfully

* Before the first application peel the skin the day before and moisturise thoroughly.

* Moisturise thoroughly your elbows and knees as well.

* Shave your legs the day before.

* Start applying with circular motion from the legs and move upwards.

* In the end apply a small amount of mousse to the back of your hand and use the backs of your hands to apply mousse on both hands and wrists.

Purpose For adding a lovely tanned complexion to the face and body.
Directions for use Apply mousse on clean and dry skin by using Self-tan Applicator Mitt. Avoid using the product on your eyebrows or the hairline. Be very careful when you apply the mousse on the eye area skin. After the application wash your hands thoroughly and allow your skin get properly dry before any contact with clothes.
Size 150 ml
Perfume Hypoparfum®
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