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Effective Makeup Brush Cleaner

4.50 €
7 x 5,5 cm

Handy tool to be put on your fingertips for cleaning makeup brushes thoroughly. The area covered with nodules can be used for cleaning small brushes and the striped are for larger brushes.
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Product number 9474


Product number 9474

Product details

It is easy clean your makeup tools by using Dermosil Makeup Brush Cleaner. By using the cleaner put on your fingertips you can clean your brushes effectively and quickly.

Effective Makeup Brush Cleaner can be used for cleaning brushes of different sizes. The area on top covered with nodules can be used above all for cleaning smaller brushes and the larger striped area for cleaning larger brushes.

Start cleaning by first rinsing the brush with water. Apply a small amount of soap on Makeup Brush Cleaner and wipe the moist brush against the cleaner with small circular motion. Continue until no more dirt comes out of the brush. Rinse the brush and place it horizontally to dry.

Take care of your makeup brushes regularly by cleaning them thoroughly. You cannot achieve a beautiful result with dirty brushes and they can transfer impurities on your face.

Makeup Brush Cleaner is made of silicone.

Purpose For thorough cleaning of makeup brushes.
Directions for use Apply some detergent on the cleaner. Clean a moist brush against the cleaner until no more dirt comes out of the brush.
Size 7 x 5,5 cm
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